Marine Plywood

Minimax is one of the most renowned companies, widely recognized for its Marine Grade Plywood that is available in different sizes and colours and is available as per the customer’s requirement. We at Minimax offer finest quality products at competitive prices, which have also helped us to reach a pioneer position in the market. The company meets every woodworking and interior need of our customers, and always at the most competitive price. Minimax ensures high quality Marine Grade Plywood production in order to maintain and cater varied needs of customers. Being the leading manufacturer of plywood, we take care of quick delivery of the materials that fulfills ample necessities. Our staffs are knowledgeable and helpful and well trained to provide suggestions and ideas to valuable customers to complete their interior and wood works in the best possible way.

This Marine Grade Plywood is used for numerous purposes such as crafting boats, ships, hulls of a boat and for several other marine applications. These ply-woods are attached with synthetic glue, and these are mainly manufactured from woods depending on their density, strength, impact-finishing power and surface resistance characteristics. Only the highest quality of wood is used to make marine plywood. As marine plywood is made with a lot of care; planks and sheets of timber are joined in such a manner that no gap can be found, in order to avoid water ingress. Apart from this, the utmost well-known benefit is that it can handle any amount of moisture and dampness. Marine plywood is prepared for a boat, so if you are worried about moisture, then you should know that marine plywood is equipped to handle any amount of moisture.

When it comes to supplementary significant feature of our marine plywood then this plywood is highly pliable in nature. So, you can use it for building almost anything you wish. Shaping marine plywood is much easier than any other plywood. The marine plywood offered by Minimax would maintain the structural integrity no matter how much you bend or shape it. Dissimilar to any average plywood, it will not snap or break at any minor pressure. This is a big reason behind using only marine plywood for buildings. Therefore, if you are aspiring for prominent plywood for your abode’s interiors then Minimax will be the perfect choice.