Wooden Door Manufacturers

Doors are the first impression that your house makes to anyone who visits. The doors of any construction give an impression of the room behind it. Therefore, to make an impact through any building, the door needs to be welcoming and beautiful. Renowned Door Manufacturers thrive in producing products that add beauty, grace, style, and a unique sense of identity to every construction.

Minimax Plywood, one of the leading wooden door manufacturers in India, brings forth favoured choice for doors. Our experts have good understanding of different kinds of wood. We understand that different clients have different requirements. Our forte lies in making them understand the difference between different wooden doors, for them to have a better understanding of which would suit their purpose. Our knowledgeable staff members guide the clients you aesthetics, budget and latest trends.

We also help clients in the selection process. The solid wooden doors are sturdier and more attractive and also expensive. We offer different types of wood, which includes oak, mahogany, teak, etc. Moreover, we also try and make the clients realize that wood is responsive towards the changing temperature. Therefore, the type of wood they choose would have effected by how much rainfall it experiences. We add fibre-board panels to the wooden doors in order to make them less vulnerable.

Apart from these, we also bring to our customers, wide options for heavily embellished, ornate door, which helps in adding more character to the construction. We also offer relatively sleeker modern wooden doors that are perfect for new-age buildings, as it offers a contemporary touch. We leave this part to the customers to decide, as they know better what they want.

At Minimax Plywood, we ask our customers and clients to make a choice of the door panel. Being one of the well-established door manufacturers in India, we make sure that our customers receive the best value for their money. We bring forth single, double or even mufti-units like four or six-panel doors for them to choose. We also helps with customized designs, as many of our customers want unique designs that go with their home or office.

Therefore, if you are looking for sturdy and durable wooden door, you need contact Minimax Plywood and let them know what you are looking for. At Multifit, we have something for all of you.